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What is the Cost to Learn to Drive in Australia?

What is the Cost to Learn to Drive in Australia?

metro cities’ daily life is getting very hectic day by day. People wait for a long time to take a train, bus or any other public transportations. It is best to learn to drive in these challenging times to save time and  In daily life, driving can be helpful. Along with saving time, it also boosts confidence.

Many parents think that their child does not need driving but it is the wrong belief. Driving can help you in many situations. It boosts motivation in teens from a young age.

Total Costs Involved in Learning Driving Lessons in Australia  

The cost of driving lessons varies from city to city. cost of Driving lessons in Perth begins from $65 per hour. However, it is different in different driving schools. Normally, the students spend 6 hours in a week with the driving instructors. The weekly cost of driving in Perth comes to about $360.

In addition to that, there are some other costs associated with driving. They include license fees, handbook fees, and so on. The cost of the driver knowledge test in Perth is approximately $46. After clearing this test, you have to pay license fees. A learner license costs approximately $25 in Australia.

Students will then receive a handbook for road use and it costs about $13. They will also get a learner driver logbook that costs about $17.

Useful Tips to Get a Learner License

Students get stressed when it comes to getting a license. There are some tips to consider about gaining a license quickly.

  • To be eligible for a driver’s licence, you must be more than 16 years old.
  • You should practice test drives and follow all the rules of the road.
  • It is necessary to book the test at the right time.
  • You must observe how experienced drivers ride the cars on the road.
  • You should follow the things in the Road users’ handbook.
  • One of the best tips to get a license is to stay calm while appearing in the road test.
  • You must study all the questions before appearing in the road tests and answer correctly.

Why is Attending a Driving School Necessary?

Students must attend driving school for various reasons such as:

  • Gaining professional level training from experienced driving instructors.
  • A driving school offers a wider selection of vehicle you can opt any one.
  • Driving instructors will give you a thorough knowledge of road rules and driving laws.
  • The students will know how to park their cars properly.
  • They can avoid irresponsible drivers while riding the car on busy roads.

How to Get Affordable Driving Lessons? 

All you need to do is visit the official site of the different schools and fill an online form to get free quotes. Also you can directly visit any driving school in Australia where you will get more information what you want.

If you live in Perth then you can visit Aventus Driving School, it is a well known driving school in perth who provide exceptional range in driving lessons, like, Manual car driving lessons, automatic driving lessons Perth, corporate driving lessons and defensive driving lessons. Also their driving instructors solve your all problems and makes you a perfect driving expert.

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