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What To Think When You’re Looking For a Divorce Solicitor in Blackburn

It is always advised to consult adequately qualified specialists if you need specialized advice or assistance for something crucial in your life. Therefore, getting guidance from professionals while looking for a Solicitor who specializes in divorce and has the necessary expertise would be beneficial. We hope that the following considerations will be useful to you so that you may conduct the appropriate research and ask pertinent questions regarding the experience of the divorce solicitor in Blackburn, credentials, and dedication to assisting divorcing couples.

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

Your individual situation will determine how long it takes to get a divorce. Most straightforward and uncontested divorces may be concluded in 6–12 months. Twelve months is roughly average. However, it can take much longer if your situation is more complicated. In general, matters that do not get to court are resolved significantly more quickly than those that do.

What Can You Expect From the Divorce Solicitors?

Everyone engaged in a divorce may find it challenging. Having a solicitor by your side during mediation and divorce can help you get the best result for you and your family. divorce solicitor in Blackburn can help with the following:

  • Civil partner breakup
  • Family mediation
  • Freezing court orders
  • Breaking up a marriage
  • Asset division, which covers high-net-worth, foreign-owned, and company assets.
  • Monetary agreements
  • High-value assets


Remember that a divorce solicitor in Blackburn is a highly personal decision, much like a dentist or doctor. You must trust and trust your attorney to depend on legal advice. Although it is unnecessary, the fact that the family expert you are seeing is also a Family Mediator indicates whether they are serious about giving their clients all of their alternatives. Give your selected family lawyer a call and let them know how at ease and confident you are with them.

National Qualifications

Many family attorneys aim to influence how family conflicts are settled or work to enhance the effectiveness of the family justice system. Find out whether your attorney serves on any national committees or organizations. Do they provide insightful advice and information on their website?

Divorce Mediation

Today, divorce mediation is a crucial step in the process. Before your case goes to court, you’ll probably need to attend a mediation session unless it includes child protection concerns or domestic violence. Mediation aims to persuade divorcing spouses to reach an agreement so that judicial action is not required.

Is Family Law Mediation Mandatory?

Unless your case concerns child protection and domestic violence, mediation is required in family law. You will be mandated to attend at least one mediation session, and if you cannot come to an agreement, your case may be taken to court.


Call Abbey Court Solicitors now if you need a divorce solicitor in Blackburn. Their knowledgeable attorneys are here to hear your story and work with you to get the best result possible. The staff is dedicated to offering knowledgeable counsel and standing by you as your legal issue progresses. Whatever the situation, Abbey Court Solicitors will always be there to help you get the best possible result for your legal problem.

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