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Why everyone should swim once a week

The new year has started again and that means that we make a throw at good intentions. In addition to quitting smoking, more exercise is on the to-do list for many. Maybe you want to lose weight, strengthen your body or do something about your condition. Then we have found the perfect sport for you. Swimming is good for everyone with lifeguard certification.

Swimming is good for your muscles

Swimming has many benefits. Now we hear you thinking: ‘Swimming is something for old people, isn’t it?’ Thought wrong. Swimming is for everyone: young or old, fit or not. While you may think it’s better to hit the gym for your ideal body , swimming is a much better option. With strength training you often only train one muscle group and during swimming you use almost all your muscles. You use your upper body, your lower body, your neck muscles and your core.

Swimming for everyone

Swimming is therefore suitable for everyone. In addition, it is a sport with very little chance of injury (beware of the slippery tiles). It also reduces the risk of injuries when practicing other sports, because it strengthens your body. Doing a few laps is also very relaxing. You determine your own pace and the water has a relaxing effect on your muscles, but also on you. Stressful period? Go swim a few laps.

Even more benefits

You not only build your muscle mass, but also condition. Something you can’t do with some strength training. You will notice that you already feel fitter from swimming once a week. You also train your heart and lungs while swimming. Swimming is an endurance sport and therefore also very good for burning fat. With explosive sports you mainly burn carbohydrates and almost no fats. If you want to lose weight, swimming is ideal. Your weight is, as it were, lifted by the water, making you almost weightless. Do you happen to hate the feeling of a sweaty body and sticky clothes? You don’t have to worry about that in a swimming pool!

Suzanne Brummel about all the benefits of swimming

Suzanne Brummel is a former Dutch Open Water Swimming Champion and for her the water is really her second home. The avid swimmer recommends water sports to everyone, whether you use it to improve your fitness or to recover your muscles after running, for example. Suzanne explains: “Swimming is good for young and old. You use all your muscles and it is good for your condition. For overweight people, swimming is also a very nice form of exercise to participate in because of the lower impact on the muscles and joints. to start.” That doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake. In principle, everyone can run, but not everyone can swim a few laps of front crawl, for example. Swimming is a very technical sport. You work on your condition and strength at the same time, but you also need technique.

Suzanne wants to tell every novice swimmer that you have to be patient with swimming and start with small goals. You shouldn’t want too much and too soon. Suzanne also has a nice challenge for beginners: ‘Running 5 kilometers can roughly be compared with swimming 1 kilometer in terms of impact. So see how long it takes you to run 5 kilometers. Can you also swim 1 kilometer in the same time?’

Are you convinced that this is the sport for you? In the book Zwem , Suzanne gives tips and tricks for novice, but also for experienced swimmers. You will find training schedules and she explains step by step how you can improve your swimming technique. You will also find tasty and easy recipes for after and before your workout. The book will be published on April 22, 2020, but you can pre-order it.

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