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Why Is a 3D Product Configurator Worth Your Investment?

Is product customization necessary? Will it increase profit? These are the questions that owners of B2B and B2C have in their minds. The answer to their question is YES! Many companies have used 3D product configurators to engage more and more audiences. 

It is not surprising that one of the most crucial factors in purchasing decisions nowadays is product personalization. E-commerce has exploded since the epidemic, and many retailers are switching to an online business model.

As a result, the e-commerce sector and specialized markets have grown to be extremely competitive, and in the long run, there are no signs that these types of sales will slow down.

What Do You Mean by 3D Product Configuration?

3D Product Configuration is an engaging digital tool that helps users to customize the object or product in 3-D space. These configurators, frequently used in the automobile, furniture, architectural, and fashion industries, let buyers change aspects like colors, materials, textures, and components and view the results in real time.

The usage of 3D configurators is quickly catching on in businesses that formerly relied on human sales agents as items become more complicated and customizable.

Is Investing in 3D Product Configuration Worth It?

Enhance Customer Experience

Every company must prioritize the client experience if it wants to succeed. Customer experience, however, is crucial in crowded, undifferentiated markets where local and international rivalry is severe.

A 3D configurator may transform slow, dull, and stale consumer experiences into quick, interesting, and immersive ones. Manufacturers can design interactive environments that let buyers view lifelike product models and instantly alter them. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are improved through greater participation and openness.

Customization, Personalization, and Configuration Options

Most buyers nowadays look for personalized and customized products. Customers can interact with items, make modifications, and see their creations come to life on screen thanks to 3D configurators, which provide a level of personalization that has never been possible. They have access to many options and attributes—perhaps even millions.

People nowadays love to wear customized t-shirts, and you can create them easily with a 3D T-shirt configurator. Customer satisfaction is increased by 3D configuration because customers receive products that exactly address their issues. Manufacturers can increase their market share by appealing to consumers interested in something other than their once-small range.

Real-Time Pricing and Quotes 

Today’s B2B clients have been trained to anticipate Amazon-caliber customer service whenever they purchase, whether for work or play. Consequently, it is no longer appropriate to configure a product with a sales representative and wait days or weeks for a final estimate.

Manufacturers can connect 3D configurators with real-time pricing and quoting capabilities by installing a system like Epicor CPQ. Customers may get a quote once they are pleased with their selections and can see how their configuration choices will affect the final cost, thanks to this. This, in turn, shortens sales cycles, improves decision-making, and ultimately saves consumers time and money.

Reduce Return and Increase Sales

The high percentage of product returns caused by differences between customers’ expectations and the reality of delivered products is one of the biggest issues in online retail. This problem is lessened by a 3D product configurator, which enables buyers to see their customizations precisely before they buy. As a result, there are far fewer returns, saving firms time and money on restocking, shipping, and managing returns.

The configurator also serves as a stimulus for boosting sales. Interacting with a product that has been uniquely created inspires excitement and a sense of pride. Customers are more likely to purchase When they are actively involved in the product’s design, boosting conversion rates and overall sales volume.

Brand Differentiation and Innovation

Being distinctive is crucial for success in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. A 3D product configurator distinguishes a brand as innovative and consumer-focused in addition to improving customer experiences. Adopting new trends and technologies is demonstrated by incorporating this technology, which can improve a company’s reputation and overall image.

Additionally, the configurator itself is an invention. Businesses who use this tool show that they are prepared to change with the market’s needs and their customers’ tastes. Thus, firms that embrace digital transformation may draw in tech-savvy customers who are more willing to do so.

Increase Customer Loyalty 

Customers are more likely to use your services again if they can customize a product to fit their tastes, preferences, and budget. Customers who are happy with your product or service will likely recommend it to others.

When a customer is pleased with the assistance he receives from your business, he is more likely to tell their friends, family, or coworkers about your organization. This procedure can cascade and boost site traffic, customer engagement, conversion rates, and profit margins. Finally, 3D product configurators can change how you conduct online and offline business.

Can be Used by Any Device

A 3D product configurator’s accessibility via desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets, and intelligent trade show kiosks is one of its most significant benefits.

With the ability to customize the product themselves and place an order right away, this mobility enables sales representatives to demonstrate the goods to prospective clients. As a result, more visitors become customers than when a traditional catalog is shown. Additionally, as mobile devices account for over 50% of all traffic to online stores, manufacturers must provide a mobile-friendly layout to their desired target market.

Helps in Increasing Efficiency 

You can speed up the entire production, sales, and marketing process using 3D product configuration tools. You may modify, improve, and perfect your items over time as you get real-time feedback from prospective customers.

Additional expenses like supply, production, and inventory might also be reduced. There is no need for a stacked inventory of raw materials and finished goods because buyers can practically customize a product to meet their demands. As a result, you can save expenses in several other divisions, including marketing, storage, and transportation.


Especially in e-commerce, 3D modeling will become standard. By choosing Brush Your Ideas, you can conveniently implement a 3D product configurator in your online business and you will have the benefits that are unquestionably worth it. By choosing our solution, you will embrace the latest trends and keep your customer satisfied.

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